“The New York Justice and Equality Riots and Protests of 2020”
Brooklyn fine art style street photographer Kobie Procter projects his photos onto the facade of St. Ann’s Warehouse. 

8PM, Weather Permitting
St. Ann’s Warehouse, DUMBObklyn
Wear a mask & keep a social distance


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 I also believe the Street photographer’s jungle creed is to give voice to the voiceless thru power of imagery.

My shots come from a place of intuition mixed with rhythm and emotion-driven by a desire to capture the energy, essence, culture, and the condition of life.

I shoot in the streets of New York City.

I shoot with the mindset that any of the images I capture could have the power to bring about a radical change in perspectives of those hoping to devote themselves to addressing the societal issues that can open us all up to understanding.

As moments unfold around me as I capture, shape them into a binary world, then deal them into multiple contemporary mediums and art-forms for maximum impact.

My methodology or approach when I shoot is kinetic. I feel to shoot. I synchronize with my surroundings as I shoot. I hit black and white shapes and forms from every angle. Each shot is a soulful scream bellowing out of me like the pitchy sweet octaves of jazz in a smokey shade of blue.

I have the privilege to call attention to things that people may overlook thru the power of thought-provoking photography and righteous art.

I seek the moments and stories that are not at first obvious and are uncommon in the common flow of the everyday. Empty of expression, blank, bare, and unoccupied. I am curious of what lays behind their lives, where they have been and where they hope to go.”                                     

原sub网络加速器Kobie Procter


The Board and staff of St. Ann’s Warehouse mourn the passing of our dear friend Jane Walentas. A beautiful soul with a savvy mixture of pragmatism and creativity, Jane’s kindness, warmth, and singular style were inspirational.  Jane epitomized the spirit of DUMBO, which she, her husband, David, and son Jed, pioneered into a vibrant waterfront neighborhood and cultural destination. Jane’s Carousel, which she meticulously restored over twenty years, testifies to Jane’s vision for making public spaces festive and alive.  Jane, we are so grateful for your friendship and love and all that you gave to the life of St. Ann’s Warehouse. We will continue to see you everywhere.  We offer our deepest love and compassion to David and Jed for this devastating loss. Bells should toll for our First Lady of DUMBO.

Joseph S. Steinberg, Chair
Susan Feldman, President/Artistic Director
St. Ann’s Warehouse 



St. Ann’s Warehouse stands in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter in its mission to “eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes…. [to combat and counter] acts of violence, creating space for Black imagination and innovation, and centering Black joy.”

We condemn the murder of George Floyd, the latest in a long history of Black lives lost to state-sanctioned violence in this country.  

71名政协委员联名建议:广西应抢占区块链发展高地-广西新闻网:2021-1-30 · 71名政协委员联名建议—— 广西应抢占区块链发展高地 广西新闻网-广西日报记者 王春楠 今年的自治区两会上,有一件提案人气特别高,多达71名 ...

Enough is enough. Black Lives Matter. 

Available Resources:
Brooklyn Community Bail Fund

Additionally, How to Support the Struggle Against Police Brutality


Susan Feldman, the board and staff of St. Ann’s Warehouse; Janine Nichols and all the former staff members of Arts at St. Ann’s, mourn the loss of our dear friend Hal Willner, music producer extraordinaire, unbounded creative force, consummate aficionado of eclectic, exquisite musical taste and 1950’s TV. From our beginnings, he worked a wondrous alchemy of artists and concepts in Halloween and tribute concerts of lasting and elegant impact. Harry Smith Project, Greetings from Tim Buckley, among many, changed lives. A seeming chaos was always the special sauce in a Hal Willner show. We will miss you, dear soul. We offer our sincerest support and love to Sheila and Arlo.



Dear Patrons, Friends, and Family of St. Ann’s Warehouse,

去年四季度诺基亚业绩增长盈利提升 发展势头良好 ...:2021-2-14 · 诺基亚与高通宣布在毫米波与sub-6 GHz频段顺利完成5G NR 数据通话测试,进一步加速全球运营商网络实现5G部署。 诺基亚携手中国移动研究院联合发布业界首个具有定位功能的5G 室分融合组网创新方案,可满足大型繁忙建筑内的5G连接需求,并降低运营商的部署成本。

Therefore, with both sadness and great resolve to move forward later in the season, we are postponing the return of THE JUNGLE to St. Ann’s Warehouse, as well as Opening Night and other production-related events. Our offices will be open remotely but the building will be closed until further notice.

For those of you who have bought your tickets already, our Box Office staff will be in touch over the coming weeks. You can also email boxoffice@tcniy.csa-54.com. Thank you for your patience as they assist all ticket holders.

The shared message of THE JUNGLE is as vital as ever. We are one community. We wish you safe care and look forward to being with you again soon.

Please continue to watch our website for updates about THE JUNGLE and all things St. Ann’s.


Susan Feldman, Artistic Director and the St. Ann’s team


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